Manuel Gangl Clarinet

Foto von Manuel Gangl mit einer Klarinette

Member of the orchestra since 2011

Manuel Gangl, BA BA MA PhD was born in 1989 in Graz/Austria. He studied classical clarinet (BA MA), music education (BA) and musicology (PhD) in Austria. Since 2011 he has been playing the E-flat clarinet, D clarinet and second clarinet in the Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Wiener Symphoniker). Besides the orchestra, he teaches a class for E-flat clarinet, D clarinet and Bass clarinet at the MUK (Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna) and is operating the YouTube-Channel The E-flat clarinet.

He has a passion for the E-flat clarinet and the D clarinet. For this reason, he publishes regularly articles, arrangements and books about the high clarinets on his website. He currently has published a new book, this time about The D clarinet & The Molter Clarinet Concerto No. 1 A major 2022.

He is member of the Supervisory Board of the Symphonia Wiener Symphoniker-Tonaufnahmegesellschaft m.b.H.


You can visit his homepage here.