Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

All deliveries and services by the Wiener Symphoniker association (Verein under Austrian law) are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (Allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen) in their applicable version:

Verein Wiener Symphoniker
Daffingerstraße 4/DG
1030 Wien/Austria

UID: ATU16363101
Vereinsregister: ZVR-Zahl 846159385
tel +43 (1) 58979 - 0
fax +43 (1) 58979 - 54

1. General

The following terms and conditions apply for events put on in cooperation between the Wiener Symphoniker and the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft and for the chamber music series of the Wiener Symphoniker. Ticket sales for these events are handled by the box office of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft:

Wiener Konzerthaus
Ticket- & Service-Center
Lothringerstraße 20
A-1030 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 242002
Telefax: +43 1 24200-110
Infoline: +43 1 24200-100
E-mail: ticket@konzerthaus.at

Opening hours & Phone times:
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 1pm

For all other events, you enter into a legal relationship with the relevant event organiser when purchasing the ticket/s. Different terms and conditions apply. You can obtain detailed information from the relevant event organiser.

2. Pre-sales of tickets

Information about the start of ticket sales can be found in the detailed information about the event of your choice. For Supporting Members of the Wiener Symphoniker, pre-sales begin at least seven days before advance bookings open to the general public

3. Prices and payment

All price details are considered “gross prices” (including statutory VAT). No liability is accepted for printing errors and the right to make individual price changes remains reserved. The ticket price is due immediately after concluding the contract.

4. Methods of payment

The following payment methods are accepted: 

•    credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB
•    online bank transfers (SEPA transfer procedure)
•    “Bankomat” terminal (not for online ticket sales): There are “Bankomat” terminals for cash-card sales in the Ticket & Service Center of the Wiener Konzerthaus. In addition, there is an external Bankomat that can be accessed at any time from the street.

5. Ticket purchases by telephone

Tickets may be bought over the telephone using a credit card. The tickets can be collected from the Ticket & Service Center of the Wiener Konzerthaus until immediately before the event. It is not possible to refund the purchase price for tickets that are not collected.

6. print@home tickets and Mobile Tickets

When buying tickets by telephone and online, you can choose to receive them as print@home tickets. In addition, when buying online, you can have your tickets sent as Mobile Tickets.

To ensure secure use of your print@home ticket or Mobile Ticket, please note the following. Only the first mobile ticket or print@home ticket to be presented entitles the bearer to enter the event; whether you can prove your identity as the purchaser is not relevant for admission purposes. After the barcode or QR code is first electronically scanned, the ticket is blocked for any further entry. Any other print-offs or copies of print@home tickets or any subsequent presentations of the same Mobile Ticket are invalid for admission, for exchanging a ticket or for refunding the purchase price. Please therefore ensure that you keep your print-offs or files carefully and secure them from unauthorised use.

7. Wheelchair places

At each event there is an allocation of wheelchair-accessible spaces, subject to special conditions, for visitors who require one. When purchasing individual tickets, wheelchair spaces must be booked in advance, no later than one week before the event. There is a seat in the direct vicinity available for any accompanying guest. 

8. Ticket orders and purchases

Ticket orders and purchases of all kinds are binding. Unfortunately, it is not possible either to make ticket reservations or to return purchased or ordered tickets. When ordering subscriptions, please note the special terms and conditions for subscriptions.

9. Ticket availability, changes of price category

When purchasing tickets and ordering subscriptions in writing, in the event that your desired price category is no longer available, you will be allocated tickets or subscriptions in the next higher or next lower price category.

10. Right to enter the event

You only acquire the right to enter the relevant event once you have paid in full for the ticket purchased for this purpose along with all associated fees and charges. The event organiser meets its obligation to grant entry to the event, thus discharging all debt, when first presented with a ticket. The event organiser is entitled to refuse entry to persons who present a ticket if, as a result of incomplete payment for the ticket, they have not acquired the right to visit the event. This applies in the same way if a payment previously made is subsequently revoked.

11. Right of withdrawal when purchasing tickets, subscriptions and packages

Pursuant to section 18, para. 1, subpara. 10 of the Austrian Long-Distance and External Transactions Act (FAGG), there is no right of withdrawal with respect to services that are provided in connection with leisure activities insofar as a set date or period is contractually provided for by the operator for the fulfilment of the contract. Pursuant to section 4, para. 1, subpara. 11 FAGG, we hereby inform you that there is no right of withdrawal with respect to the purchase of tickets or subscriptions.

12. Guarantee

The statutory guarantee provisions apply.

13. Data security (cooperation events), declaration of consent

The personal data required for purchasing, ordering or enquiring shall not be passed on to third parties. Excepted from this is a limited transfer of your details, as listed below, for events that the Wiener Symphoniker organise in cooperation with the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft and for events organised independently by the Wiener Symphoniker (see notes for online purchase for the individual events; names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and information on the tickets purchased for each cooperation event are passed on). By purchasing tickets for a cooperation event, you are declaring your consent.

a) that the personal information you provide will be passed on to the Wiener Symphoniker or the Wiener Konzerthaus Society and used for marketing purposes for events presented by the Wiener Symphoniker and the Wiener Konzerthaus Society;

b) to receive information by email from the Wiener Symphoniker and the Wiener Konzerthaus Society about their own events.

You may choose to withdraw this permission at any time. In this case, no further use will be made of the data.

14. Changes and Concert cancellations

We reserve the right to change the performers, venue or programme. In the event we do so, this does not create any entitlement to a refund. The information is updated daily on our website. Any changes of which we are informed in good time are included in our other communication media. We will also send written information on any important changes via email.  If a concert has to be cancelled, replacement concerts will normally be offered. To ensure that all visitors can be informed of any changes, we ask you only to book tickets under the name of the persons who will use them.

15. Photography, video and audio recording

Photography, video and audio recording are not allowed during the performance. During your visit to the event, we or persons accredited by us may take photographs, make film recordings or shoot video for live television broadcast (hereinafter referred to collectively as “recordings”). By purchasing your entry ticket you declare your consent that recordings on which you may be visible may be published or otherwise broadcast – e.g. on television or the internet – in order to provide the general public with information on the relevant event, the artists who appear in it or the Wiener Symphoniker and their programme in general. Your consent includes publication and distribution of the relevant recordings for these purposes by third parties who complete such recordings with the permission of the Wiener Symphoniker or to whom the Wiener Symphoniker provide such recordings.

16. House regulations

By purchasing a ticket, the visitor recognises the house regulations of the relevant event venue. A valid ticket must be kept ready for presenting to the service personnel on request. It is not permissible to take a seat other than that designated on the ticket. In the event of infringements of the house regulations or of the above rules, the visitor may be excluded from the performance without any refund of the purchase price.

17. Retention of title

All items purchased remain the property of the vendor until the purchase price and all associated costs and fees have been paid in full.

18. Concluding provisions

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions contradict statutory regulations (for example the provisions of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, KSchG), the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain applicable. We reserve the right to change our General Terms and Conditions at any time.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

In order to ensure that all subscription holders can be informed of any changes, we ask that a subscription is ordered under the name of the person who will actually use it.

1. Subscription Renewal (“Stammplätze”)

Your seating choice for the Sonderkonzerte and Matineen cycles from last season will be reserved for you until 8 May 2020 (receipt of post). Your order should arrive before this date if you wish to renew your subscription. Since subscription renewals are given priority handling, please ensure that you check the box marked “Fortsetzung” (“Renewal”) on the order form, even if you ordering a different number of subscriptions or changing the price category.

2. Seating Preference

Information on pricing for your seating choice can be found on the seating plan. Where possible we will allocate adjacent seats. While we will do our best to accommodate your seating preference, please bear in mind that many seats are already reserved for existing subscription holders.

3. Further orders

If you later make further orders, please identify them with the note “follow-up order” in the field “desired seat”. This helps us to process your order more quickly.

4. Sequence of processing

The orders are processed in the order in which they are received and according to the available seating. Subscription continuation requests that are received from existing subscribers by 28 April 2024 are given precedence over new subscription requests in the processing procedure. 

5. Privacy Statement

Your data are processed for the fulfillment of contracts and carrying out pre-contractual measures, for meeting statutory requirements and for safeguarding legitimate interests. Further information on data processing, storage period and your rights can be found in our Privacy Statement (wienersymphoniker.at/datenschutz)

6. Data processing at cooperative events

At events within the cycles of the Wiener Symphoniker, the matinee performances of the Wiener Sxmphoniker, gala concerts, WienerSymphoniker@7, the Vorhören!-series and the Kammermusik-Fest which the Wiener Symphoniker organise in cooperation with the Vienna Konzerthaus Society, your data will be processed by both cooperative partners. In these cases, your right to information, correction, deletion and objection will be valid in relation to both cooperative partners. For further information

7. Supporting Membership

If you take out a Supporter Membership with the Wiener Symphoniker, you will receive a 17.5% deduction on up to two subscriptions per cycle. You will also receive the right to advance purchases at least seven days before the general pre-sales period, a 7.5% deduction on up to two tickets per concert and 10% off CDs on the Wiener Symphoniker’s in-house record label, as well as regular exclusive offers from the Wiener Symphoniker and selected partners. For further benefits and support options, please visit www.wienersymphoniker.at. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Supporter Membership while helping the Wiener Symphoniker, please select Supporter Membership when ordering your subscription online or place a cross in the relevant box in the order card.

8. Children- and Youth Subscriptions

Only one Children- and Youth Subscription can be purchased per person; the subscription is non-transferable. If the ticket is used by another person, the difference between the youth price and the normal price must be paid. 

9. Wheelchair Places

For visitors with a mobility impairment, a certain number of wheelchair places are available in each subscription series at a reduced rate. The price includes a designated companion. If no companion seat is required for the subscription, the price will be reduced accordingly. Please indicate your requirements – “Rollstuhlplätze mit Begleitperson” (“Wheelchair place with accompanying seat”) or “Rollstuhlplätze ohne Begleitperson” (“Wheelchair place without accompanying seat”) – on the order form.

10. Subscription orders

Subscription orders are binding. It is not possible to return purchased or ordered tickets.

11. Changes and Concert Cancellations

We reserve the right to change the date/time, event venue, programme or performers. In the event we do so, this does not create any entitlement to a refund. The information is updated daily on our website. Any changes of which we are informed in good time are included in our other communication media. We will also send written information on any important changes via email. If a subscription concert has to be cancelled, a replacement concert will normally be offered. To ensure that all visitors can be informed of any changes, we ask you only to book tickets under the name of the persons who will use them. 

12. Methods of payment

SEPA direct debit mandate: You give permission for the Wiener Konzerthaus Society to debit your bank account with the amount payable.
By credit card: VISA, Euro-/MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB. The amount payable will be debited from your credit card.

For each transfer (online banking / payment slip): You will receive the corresponding invoice via e-mail (online banking).

In case you wish to receive a postal delivery with a payment slip, please tick the field “Ich möchte meine Rechnung nicht per E-Mail zugesandt bekommen [I do not wish to receive the invoice via e-mail]” under personal data on the order card.

Foreign bank transfer: International money transfers must be made free of charge in favour of Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft.

13. Shipping/personal pick-up

Shipping: Your tickets will be sent to you immediately after receipt of payment.
Personal pick-up: You will receive a payment confirmation by end of August at the Ticket & Service Center.

14. Information

For any enquiries about your subscription order, please contact the Konzerthaus Ticket- & Service-Center:
T +43 (0) 1/242 002
F +43 (0) 1/242 00-110
E ticket@konzerthaus.at
W www.konzerthaus.at

Konzerthaus Ticket- & Service-Center opening and phone hours
Mon–Fri 9.00 – 1.00pm

You can contact the Konzerthaus Ticket- & Service-Center by telephone
Mon–Fri 9.00 – 18.00, Sat 10.00 – 14.00