Jan Nast Intendant

Jan Nast

Jan Nast was born in 1965 in East Berlin. After studying music at the Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler in Berlin and various engagements in various orchestras, the trained hornist devoted himself to a cultural management degree at the Ludwigsburg University of Education until 1995. From 1990 to 1997 Nast was the orchestra director of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Theater Freiburg. In 1997 he moved to the Staatskapelle Dresden as conductor of the orchestra and worked together with Giuseppe Sinopoli, Bernard Haitink and Fabio Luisi and later with Christian Thielemann as chief conductor. In addition, Nast intensified the international traveling of the orchestra, led the Staatskapelle to the Residenz-Orchester der Salzburger Osterfestspiele and developed u. a. Special concert formats such as "Classic Picnic" and "No tailcoat on tour". Since September 2019 he is artistic director of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Contact via Ileana Steiger:
Daffingerstrasse 4/DG
1030 Vienna / Austria
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