Into the city

Vienna is our stage!

From the cozy corners of the Viennese Beisl to the alley of Vienna Prater – the Wiener Symphoniker share their music all around Vienna.

Beisl Concerts

Beisl-Konzerte 2023

Throughout an entire evening, an ensemble of the Wiener Symphoniker visits one Grätzl (neighbourhood) to play in several Beisln (traditional pubs) in a relaxed atmosphere – the ensembles come without tux, but with a lot of music in store.

Prater Picnic

Prater-Picknick 2023

At the end of every school year the Wiener Symphoniker play a summery Open Air concert for the whole family in Vienna Prater.

Upcoming concerts
Inmitten der Stadt
Beisl Concerts
Prater, Prater
Prater Picnic of the Wiener Symphoniker
Grätzl Concerts

Grätzl-Konzert Remise 2023

For their Grätzl-concerts (neighbourhood-concerts) the Wiener Symphoniker play for their audience in new and unique concert locations in Vienna's outer districts.

Cage Concerts

Käfigkonzert Schumeierplatz

The soccer cages of Vienna are transformed into creative stages when the Wiener Symphoniker play their cage concerts in cooperation with the cultural association ARGE Henriette. The whole Grätzl-community is invited! For further information, please visit


Upcoming concerts

Wieninger Platz, Käfig
Cage concert