Chamber music of the Wiener Symphoniker

Chamber music of the Wiener Symphoniker

The chamber concerts in the new Wien Museum
Drei Musiker im Wien Museum unter einer Kutsche


Music is a historical value and an emotional driving force of history. No revolution without sound, no march without an orchestra, no Vienna without a waltz.

With the Wien Museum, the city's memory has just been reopened. Now, in the chamber music series of the Wiener Symphoniker, various ensembles interrogate history for perspectives for the present and the future. Associative and sensual history lessons about the exhibitions, with guided tours to set the mood for the concert.

Crimes committed during the Nazi era and the topic of "robbery and restitution" are explored with works by persecuted musicians such as Viktor Ullmann and Karajan teacher Richard Stöhr, while the occupation period is examined with compositions by Igor Stravinsky and the Viennese Schönberg biographer Egon Wellesz, who was expelled to England. The chamber music series takes a musically diverse look at the coexistence of Judaism and Islam in Vienna, and the ensemble "Les Lilas" sheds light on the city's "melting pot" with gypsy jazz and lively swing. Viennese classical music itself becomes a historical theme, and with the motto "Winter in Vienna", the Symphonic Schrammel Quintet Vienna not only puts Emil Waldteufel's skating waltz on the ice. They also ask how cold the Viennese winter will be in times of global warming. 

After the successful chamber music series at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Austrian National Library, music now listens to history!

Make sure you get the chamber music series of the Wiener Symphoniker at the Wien Museum - subscriptions available now! 
Individual tickets for the concerts go on sale on 1 August 2024 for supporting members, on 8 August for the general public.

Kick-off on 13 June 2024

On 13 June, our Celloschrammeln will kick off the chamber music with a guided tour and concert around the Secessions exhibition. Tickets are available now! 

Drei Musiker im Wien Museum

Enjoy six chamber concerts at the Wien Museum with exclusive guided tours on the theme of the evening. You save 15% compared to single tickets!

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Drei Musiker im Wien Museum

Choose four chamber concerts at the Wien Museum and save 7% compared to single tickets!

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Bühne mit Instrumenten vor MusikerInnen Auftritt

Here you will find a selection of ensembles with members of the orchestra.

Ensembles of the Wiener Symphoniker