Jockel, Piemontesi · Beethoven, Hindemith

Jockel, Piemontesi · Beethoven, Hindemith

Musikverein Wien · Great Hall
Oscar Jockel

Unfortunately, Joana Mallwitz had to cancel her participation in the concerts on 4 and 5 May at the Musikverein for health reasons. We would like to thank Oscar Jockel, who will be conducting the two concerts with the same programme.


Oscar Jockel
Francesco Piemontesi
Wiener Symphoniker


Ludwig van Beethoven Overture No. 3 to the opera "Leonore" op. 72b
Duration: 13 Minuten
Ludwig van Beethoven Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in E-flat major op. 73

1st movement: Allegro
2nd movement: Adagio un poco mosso
3rd movement: Rondo. Allegro
Duration: 38 Minuten
— Intermission —
Paul Hindemith Symphony "Mathis der Maler" ("Mathis the painter")

1st movement: Angelic Concert - Ruhig bewegt
2nd movement: Entombment - Sehr langsam
3rd movement: Temptation of St. Anthony - Ruhig bewegt
Duration: 26 Minuten


Musikverein Wien - Great Hall
Musikvereinsplatz 1, 1010 Wien
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