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In creative projects the musicians of the Wiener Symphoniker as well as other artists work with children or youths on a musical theme or on a piece of classical music for several weeks. But based on that piece or theme the young people develop their own creative approaches and ideas. In the end complex and exciting performances arise out of that work. 



Don Quixote reloaded - creative project of the Wiener Symphoniker and their partnerschool NMS Gassergasse
Two classes of the school took part in the project. Performance on 29.5.2018, Amtshaus Margareten

1a + 2b of NMS Gassergasse

Stefan Pöchhacker, violin
Manuel Gangl, clarinet
Judith McGregor, viola
Zsofia Günther-Mészáros, violoncello
Hans-Joachim Tinnefeld, double bass
Reinhard Hofbauer, trombone
Friedrich Philipp-Pesendorfer, vibraphone and arrangements

Music education
Judith McGregor
Iris Winter
Bettina Büttner-Krammer

Project management
Bettina Büttner-Krammer

Verena Ruehs
Elfriede Ginner
Veronika Kühn
Andrea Walach, headmistress

Excerpts from: Richard Strauss, "Don Quixote, Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character", Tone poem for large Orchestra op. 35 TrV 184
in an arrangement by Friedrich Philipp-Pesendorfer
Improvisations of the pupils
Abba – „I have a dream“