School Partnership

Creative Exchange

The Wiener Symphoniker engage in a particularly intensive and in-depth partnership with a Vienna school for a period of three years. This enables both sides to benefit from each other’s contributions and get to know each other very well. During the partnership there is a series of creative projects – workshops, longer musical projects with final performances, active participation by classes from the partner school in the Wiener Symphoniker’s school concerts, to name just three examples.

From 2012 to 2014 the NMS Georg-Wilhelm-Pabst-Gasse, 1100 Vienna was the first partner school. Since January 2015 the partnership has been with the Gymnasium Draschestraße, 1230 Vienna. Starting with the season 2017-18 the NMS Gassergasse (1050 Vienna) will be the new partner school.

The Gymnasium Draschestraße (GRG23VBS) sees itself as an innovative school that is open to new developments. The modular sixth form, the bilingual school (VBS) and whole-day classes with limited teaching have been successfully integrated at the GRG23VBS and are an expression of this enthusiasm for change. This self-image meant that the decision to participate in this school partnership with the Wiener Symphoniker was viewed as another opportunity for new experiences. The school sees its central task as the education of pupils in cognitive, social, emotional and creative skills and personal responsibility. The school embodies multiculturalism and encourages, in the dialogue between different values, openness and respect, supporting the development of the pupils’ own reflective viewpoints. The pupils are supported in following a successful and authentic path and developing into autonomous and creative people. A particular priority is offering pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds a bilingual education in German and English.

Season 2016-17:

Project “Pines of Rome with class 6D from the AHS Draschestraße school

Felix Mendelssohn-Barholdy: Symphony No. 4 “Italian”
Ottorino Respighi: The Pines of Rome

This project aims to get young people creatively engaged with pieces from the orchestral repertoire, the topic of programme music and questions such as “Is it possible to describe a place with music? Does Respighi successfully depict Rome in his music and, if so, how?”. The project draws on other subject areas, such as geography and German. The result will be musical contributions, instrumental improvisations, singing, dance, texts and pictures created in collaboration with five musicians from the Wiener Symphoniker, music educators and, potentially, a choreographer or singer. The project will conclude with a performance at the school by all those who have taken part, including the professional musicians.


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