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The Wiener Symphoniker’s wide-ranging music education programme is primarily aimed at a young audience and schools. Workshops, school concerts, rehearsal visits and even joint performances with the orchestra encourage the participants to get creative and discover an interest in and understanding of classical music and culture. The focus is on developing long-term collaborations such as the three-year school partnerships. The renowned Viennese orchestra’s Young Symphony approach is characterised by fruitful exchange with other art forms, active participation and a meeting of the orchestra and students as equals. The Wiener Symphoniker offer a wide variety of music education activities for a young audience: 


Schulkonzert Orchester (c) Martina Draper
Memorable School Lessons
School Concerts

One-hour long concerts featuring age-appropriate renditions of famous works from the classical repertoire.

Workshops (c) Martina Draper
A Trained Ear Hears More

Members of the orchestra will go out to a school and work with a class to explore an orchestral piece that students will hear at a rehearsal.

Creative Exchange
School Partnership

The Wiener Symphoniker engage in a particularly intensive and in-depth partnership with a Vienna school.

Selected Young Symphony Projects
Best Of

Explore the wide range of previous Young Symphony-projects.


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