The Wiener Symphoniker congratulate Rudolf Buchbinder

Our honorary member celebrates his 77th birthday


All the best! On his 77th birthday on December 1, Rudolf Buchbinder will perform together with the Wiener Symphoniker at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Rudolf Buchbinder was 21 years old when he appeared on stage with the Wiener Symphoniker for the first time on January 15, 1967, under the baton of Carl Melles. Back then, the program included Igor Stravinsky, Frédéric Chopin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A lot has happened since then and the bonds between Buchbinder and the Wiener Symphoniker have become increasingly strong. They have performed over 380 concerts together, often in Vienna, but their joint tours have also taken them to Buenos Aires, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Bangkok and other cities.

At the concerts on December 1 and 3, 2023, Buchbinder will perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1 at the Wiener Konzerthaus. It will be on the program together with Arnold Schoenberg's "Verklärter Nacht" in the version for string orchestra op. 4 from 1943. The Wiener Symphoniker celebrate their honorary member on Friday and wish him a happy birthday!

Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall
Soddy, Buchbinder, MoZuluArt / Beethoven, Schönberg
Rudolf Buchbinder
Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall
Soddy, Buchbinder / Franck, Beethoven, Schönberg