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The Beethoven cycle on CD


The Wiener Symphoniker wrote music history with the first performances of works by Bruckner, Ravel and Schoenberg. And under the baton of such illustrious music directors as Wilhelm Furtwängler, Herbert von Karajan, Carlo Maria Giulini or Georges Prêtre they acquired worldwide fame for their unique Viennese sound. Considering its rich, more than a century long history, it comes as a surprise that the orchestra has never before recorded a full cycle of the nine symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven which are widely considered to constitute the apex of the symphonic repertoire. 

This shortcoming is about to be remedied: Starting in autumn 2017, the Wiener Symphoniker will release the full cycle on 5 CDs. With a new CD of the series to be released every 6 months, the full cycle will be completed just in time for the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven in 2020.  The symphonies were recorded live during a critically acclaimed concert cycle in Spring/Summer 2017 in the Great Hall of the Musikverein Wien.



At these concerts, the international press specifically praised Jordan’s approach to combining a traditional Viennese sound with a more contemporary, slimmed down interpretation of the material, original tempi and insights from the historically informed performance practice.  Through a close reading of the score and by focusing  on the content of the works, Jordan aimed to create – in his words – a “more natural, direct, humanised“ image of the famous composer.

A key work for this approach constitutes, in Jordan’s mind, the Third Symphony E-flat major op.55 „Eroica“ – which will be included on the firstCD of the series along side the First Symphony C Major op. 21. According to Jordan, both works are unified in their portrayal of Beethoven‘s immense, innovative, revolutionary creative will.  In its perusal of the Prometheus-myth the “Eroica” has additional meaning for Jordan’s depiction of Beethoven as an essentially modern and human composer: “In the way Beethoven uses the Prometheus theme, the composer reveals his fascination for the eventual failing of mankind not his heroic deeds.”


Beethoven 1/3

"If you love Beethoven’s third symphony as I do and would like to be very pleasantly surprised by a refreshing and great performance of his first symphony, then I recommend that you rush out (or stay in) and get this recording."

Henry Schlinger, Culture Spot LA

"What stands out is the depth and variety of colour in the playing."

Erica Jeal, the guardian

The first CD of the Wiener Symphoniker’s Beethoven cycle was released on 13 October in the UK and on 20 October in the US.

Beethoven 4/5

5 of 5 Points

Das Orchester

Jordan and his supberbly trained players give us ist thoughtthrough Beethoven of the highest order.

Richard Osborne, Gramophone

4,5 of 5 Points

Beethoven 2/7

"You sense the engagement and vitality of these performances, the players seem to be wanting to be playing this music and keen to convey their enthusiasm to you."


"These are overwhelmingly positive, uplifting performances, superbly played to boot."

theartsdesk, to the article

Beethoven 6_8 Philippe Jordan
Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 6/8
Beethoven 1_3 Cover
Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1/3
Beethoven 2_7 Cover Philippe Jordan
Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 2/7
Beethoven 4/5
Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 4/5
Philippe Jordan (c) Julia Wesely
Wiener Konzerthaus

Beethoven Cycle 2017/18

When Philippe Jordan took over as Music Director of the Wiener Symphoniker, he expressly stated that he wanted to programme a Beethoven cycle with the orchestra. Starting on December 30 all nine symphonies will be performed at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Wiener Symphoniker (c) Andreas Balon
Orchestra of the Year

Gramophone Classical Music Awards

The prestigious Gramophone magazine has shortlisted the Wiener Symphoniker in the new category “Orchestra of the Year” for one of its renowned Classical Music Award. To win this prestigious award, we need your vote!

Seit Orchestergründung im Jahr 1900

Die 10 meistgespielten Werke Beethovens durch die Wiener Symphoniker

Welche Werke Beethovens haben die Wiener Symphoniker seit der Orchestergründung im Jahr 1900 am meisten gespielt?