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Jordan / Ligeti, Bruckner

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An immense work. And not just in terms of its length. A performance of Anton Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony lasts over 80 minutes. The process of its creation was lenghty as well. At the time, the public had to wait five years between the completion of the work and the opportunity to hear it performed. The master of dissatisfaction had already revised and rewritten it countless times, mostly because of the harsh critics his first version received. Just like many of his symphonies this one, his last finished, had to mature. Also, the Second, Third and Fourth did only suceed publicly when the second or even third version was presented. Bruckner himself called his Eighth an enigma; Hugo Wolf called it “a triumph”, and popular wisdom calls it – with less drama – the crown of 19th century music. As part of the Bruckner season of the Wiener Symphoniker under Philippe Jordan, this musical colossus, which gains its energy from the interplay of wave-like climaxes, the towering construction of clearly contoured sound blocks and a dynamic falling back of the music, meets György Ligeti’s orchestral work Lontano, whose mystical sound surfaces were, according to the composer, inspired by Bruckner’s innovations. From a single note with the ultra-quiet marking pppp, the orchestra, split into individual voices, develops in canon form into ever denser, layered structures, producing a thrilling, constantly intensifying, “mystic” tension.


Wiener Symphoniker


Anton Bruckner
Symphony No. 8 in c minor WAB 108 (Version 1890)
Symphony No. 8 in c minor WAB 108 (Version 1890)
1884-87, rev. 1887-90
1st movement: Allegro moderato
2nd movement: Scherzo. Allegro moderato – Trio. Slowly
3rd movement: Solemnly slow, but not sluggish
4th movement: Finale. Solemnly, not fast



Musikverein Wien

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