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Gilbert, Hough, Rett / Dvorák, Martinu

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The New York conductor Alan Gilbert has gained worldwide fame as head of the Philharmonic Orchestra of his home town. For his concerts with the Wiener Symphoniker in the Old World and for the sake of a purely Czech programme, he also brought with him a work which was created in the United States. Bohuslav Martinu’s Symphony No. 4, composed in exile in the US, is an impressive reaction of the Bohemian composer to the end of the Second World War in 1945. Gilbert loves the music of Martinu who, with his incredibly colourful, harmoniously dazzling and rhythmically explosive musical language, has substantially contributed to the history of music in the 20th century but who, according to Gilbert, has unfortunately been badly neglected to this day. Similarly, in Gilbert’s view, many of Dvorák’s works are still by far underrepresented in concert halls. And so, the composer’s seldom heard piano concerto will be presented (with the exceptional British pianist Stephen Hough) which, owing to its poetic and lyrical qualities, finds it difficult to be accommodated in the realm of virtuosity.


Wiener Symphoniker


Antonín Dvorák
"Zlatý kolovrat" ("The golden spinning wheel"), symphonic Poem op. 109
"Zlatý kolovrat" ("The golden spinning wheel"), symphonic Poem op. 109
Antonín Dvorák
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in g minor op. 33
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in g minor op. 33
1st movement: Allegro agitato
2nd movement: Andante sostenuto
3rd movement: Allegro con fuoco
Composer: ***
Bohuslav Martinu
Symphony No. 4 H 305
Symphony No. 4 H 305
Composer: Bohuslav Martinu (*, ✝)
1st movement: Poco moderato – Poco allegro
2nd movement: Allegro vivo – Trio – Moderato – Allergo vivo
3rd movement: Largo
4th movement: Poco allegro

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Barbara Rett (c) Ernst Kainersdorfer
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