We're here for you

Where can you find us?

Since the Wiener Symphoniker either guests in the halls of our presenting partners or rents concert space, you cannot always contact our musicians and management team at a single address. Our main office is located on Daffingerstrasse 4 (behind the Wiener Konzerthaus), but several members of our management team have offices in the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Postal Address

Wiener Symphoniker
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Daffingerstraße 4/DG, 1030 Wien/Austria
T +43 (0)1/58979-0 F-54

Wiener Konzerthaus

Wiener Symphoniker
c/o Wiener Konzerthaus
Lothringerstraße 20, 1030 Wien/Austria
F +43 (0)1/7137247

Your contact person

If you have specific questions please feel free to contact the respective contact person in the management team of the Wiener Symphoniker. 

We are also happy to arrange for personal contact with our musicians. Please send a brief email message with your request to

Sylvia Hirsch
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-51 F -54 
Artistic administration

Head of department
Ulrike Niehoff
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-14

Touring management & operations
Andrea Dujak
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-11

Education/Young Symphony
Bettina Büttner-Krammer
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-17


Orchestra administration

Head of department
Corinne Pixner
Office Konzerthaus
T +43 (0)1/58979-55

Administration of instruments
Johanna Wirnsberger
Office Konzerthaus
T +43 (0)1/58979-58

Wolfgang Buresch
Office Konzerthaus
T +43 (0)1/58979-45

Historical archive
Ulrike Grandke
Office Konzerthaus
T +43 (0)1/58979-46


Marketing & communication

Head of Marketing & Press
Quirin Gerstenecker
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-15

Marketing & Web
Stefan Kleineberger
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-16

Development Manager
Claudia Ströbitzer
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-31


Finance & Controlling

Head of department
Christine Döckl
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-53

Franka Deisenhammer
Office Daffingerstrasse
T +43 (0)1/58979-29

Gabriele Krainer
Büro Daffingerstrasse
T +43 1/58979-28