A Trained Ear Hears More

Two or more members of the Wiener Symphoniker will go out to a school. The musicians will work with a class to explore an orchestral piece that students will then hear at a final rehearsal or at a school - concert.

We will also link that piece to workshop activity. The workshops will focus on creative learning for children and young people. One way that students can become more familiar with a piece is by playing it on Orff instruments. They may improvise on musical elements of the original work or utilise and vary thematic material. Professional musicians will provide enthusiastic support for the students, playing along on their own instruments.

Workshops enable classes to come optimally prepared, which allows them to enjoy dress rehearsals to the fullest!

In cooperation with Theater an der Wien preparatory workshops for opera performances with the Wiener Symphoniker will be offered to upper classes within the AHS (secondary academic school) system. Here, too, students who participate in an opera workshop will also attend a rehearsal.


on demand

Costs & Contact:
€ 3 | child | workshop à 2 hours
School concert:
€ 6,- | child | teachers free

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