Prater Picnic Cancellation Leads to Legendary 'Concert'

Two unforgettable evenings


Listening to an open-air concert at a picnic in front of the impressive backdrop of the Ferris wheel at the end of school. That's the idea behind the Wiener Symphoniker's Prater Picnic. On Thursday, 29 June, the concert took place on the large open-air stage in bright sunshine and a packed Kaiserwiese. The soloists Vera-Lotte Boecker, Rafael Fingerlos and Voodoo Jürgens, together with conductor Dirk Kaftan and the Wiener Symphoniker, gave thousands of visitors an unforgettable evening with a picnic and wonderful music.

On the second day, the Prater Picnic on Friday, 30 June had to be cancelled due to the weather. Once again, thousands of guests had gathered on the Kaiserwiese, but many of them braved the rain after the cancellation and stayed. The soloists and the orchestra had already left, some even on their way home. Then the rain stopped. The musicians were clapped out of the dressing room and spontaneously played a few numbers from the concert, some of them already in T-shirts. Kaftan moderated whimsically, musicians returned to the stage again and again and were received by the audience with frenetic applause. It was not until Voodoo Jürgens' "S klane Glücksspiel" that the rain started again and the Wiener Symphoniker said goodbye to the cheering crowd with Johann Strauss' "Unter Donner und Blitz".

ORF 2 broadcast Thursday's concert on Friday at 9:20 pm.
Watch the concert in the ORF TV-Thek

Prater-Picnic on Thursday, 29th June 2023

Prater-Picknick 2023

"Cancellation-Concert" on Friday, 30th June 2023

Prater-Picknick 2023