Cinema:Sound: Joe Hisaishi at the Film Museum

To the film music concert with the Wiener Symphoniker


In the "Cinema:Sound" series, the Wiener Symphoniker bring a film music legend to Vienna every year. On 30 March 2023, the world-renowned Japanese composer and conductor Joe Hisaishi will be on the podium. He is known for his music to Hayao Miyazaki's anime films for Studio Ghibli and the films of Takeshi Kitano. His works have won many awards. Seven times Hisaishi received the Japanese Academy Award for Best Music.

Collection on Screen: Joe Hisaishi at the Film Museum

The concert is already sold out. But fans have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of his films at the Film Museum. It is dedicating a focus to Joe Hisaishi on the occasion of the Cinema:Sound concert and will be showing six films with his impressive film music in March and April.

2.3., 6pm 
Kikujiro's Summer (1999), Takeshi Kitano

23.3., 6pm
Dolls (2002), Takeshi Kitano

25.3., 3pm
Howl's Moving Castle (2004), Hayao Miyazaki

27.3., 6pm
Brother (2000), Takeshi Kitano

29.3., 6pm
Spirited Away (2001), Hayao Miyazaki

29.3., 8:30pm
Hana-bi (1997), Takeshi Kitano

20.4., 6pm
Dolls (2002), Takeshi Kitano

28.4., 8:30pm
Hana-bi (1997), Takeshi Kitano

More details on the Joe Hisaishi programme at the Film Museum

Joe Hisaishi

Musikverein Wien, Great Hall
Cinema:Sound - Joe Hisaishi in Concert