Fulminant Beethoven Marathon

Rudolf Buchbinder


Fulminant Beethoven Marathon

A "research marathon in Beethoven's cosmos," was how the Austrian daily newspaper Kurier summed up the concert series from July 4 to July 6, in which Rudolf Buchbinder and the Wiener Symphoniker performed all five piano concerts by Ludwig van Beethoven on three consecutive evenings. In order to enable as many music enthusiasts as possible to attend a live performance despite the restriction to 250 seats, the concerts were performed twice in succession on each evening. Buchbinder, one of the "most accomplished connoisseurs of Beethoven's piano concertos" (Die Krone, July 7) conducted the orchestra from the piano on six sold-out dates in the Great Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Rudolf Buchbinder and the Wiener Symphoniker, that is "an ideal team", was to be read in the Kurier on July 7th, and further: "The interplay unfolded in wonderful harmony" - a concert experience "gripping like a thriller" and yet by "breathtaking intimacy".




The Wiener Zeitung struck similar tones: "A performance like a business card for the (...) great shape of everyone involved" - especially the "silky sound of the strings" and the "almost solemn dialogue" in the "organic connection of orchestra and piano" were highlighted in the concert review on July 7th. The same day, the Krone wrote about “enchantingly beautiful woodwind solos”, and the fascinating richness of timbres in the Beethoven performances: “The balance with the excellent Symphoniker leaves nothing to be desired.” The previous day, the Standard praised "accuracy of feeling" presented by Rudolf Buchbinder and the Wiener Symphoniker, and the Kurier summed up the concert series to the shortest possible formula: The Beethoven piano concertos in the hands of Buchbinder and the Wiener Symphoniker, that is simply: "Happiness".