Grätzl-Concerts Autumn 2019

Liesing · Simmering · Hernals


As the official orchestra of the City of Vienna the Wiener Symphoniker are an orchestra for all of Vienna’s citizens. For the Grätzl Concerts they perform in new and unconventional concert venues in the hearts of the "Grätzl", as the Viennese call their neighbourhoods.


They bring with them an exciting and lively programme with the loveliest melodies, waltzes and polkas of the Strauss dynasty, Jacques Offenbach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, inviting listeners on a journey through a city where music truly is in the air. Exceptional in every note, irresistibly charmant and heart-warmingly humorous, the Symphoniker’s Grätzl Concerts celebrate the world capital of music and its citizens in their very own necks of the woods.

The new format launched in early 2018 with concerts in the districts of Simmering and Hernals. The next dates are 28th October in F23 in Liesing, 29th October in Festssal Simmering and 30th October in Reaktor in Hernals.


F23 Graetzl Konzert
Wien, F23.wir.fabriken
Matiakh, Pilz
Grätzl-Konzert 11
Wien, Simm City, Festsaal Simmering
Matiakh, Pilz
Reakter (c) Reaktor
Wien, Reaktor
Matiakh, Pilz