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The divine Symphoniker

Rigoletto Seebühne Bregenz

The divine Symphoniker

While the critics were quite divided on the powerful, spectacular stage design, they are unequivocal in terms of the musical quality and performance of the Wiener Symphoniker: First class!

Here is a small selection of the best voices so far:

Kulturzeitschrift (18 July 2019)

"The Wiener Symphoniker also play a truly divine role at this premiere, their Verdi with a lot of passion and the corresponding Italianità is their highest concern.”

Der Standard (19 Jui 2019)

"The Wiener Symphoniker interpreted and differentiated Verdi's classics under the direction of Enrique Mazzola, energetic and ominous."

ORF 2 Vorarlberg Heute (18 July 2019)

"Musically, this reinterpretation is based on a modern, puristic interpretation."

Wiener Zeitung (19 July 2019)

"Conductor Enrique Mazzola makes a slender Verdi sound with the highly alert Wiener Symphoniker."

SWR (18 July 2019)

"The staging is also so successful because it has been developed very precisely from the music and its characters. Conductor Enrique Mazzola and the Wiener Symphoniker prefer jagged tempos, with a commitment to demanding opera entertainment - without losing all the sad core of Verdi's material to cover up."

Aargauer Zeitung (18 July 2019)

"Rigoletto impresses with its fine sounds and powerful pictures"

ORF Kultur  (18 July 2019)

"The joy of playing is coupled with a willingness to take risks in order to present the audience with authentic music theater [...]"

ORF News (18 July 2019)

"While the opera accompanied by the Wiener Symphoniker musically meets all expectations"

Rigoletto is on until the 18th of August. Few remaining tickets are available at On television, the production will be broadcast on July 19 ORF 2 at 9.15pm and on ZDF on July 21 at 22.15pm


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