Rihm: Poem of the Painter

Capuçon · Jordan


Wolfgang Rihm
"Gedicht des Malers" ("Poem of the painter"), Concerto for Violin and Orchestra


Wolfgang Rihm
Gedicht des Malers
Total playing time15:24


Wolfgang Rihm´s violin concerto “Poem of the Painter” was commissioned by the Aix-en-Provence Easter Festival and the Wiener Symphoniker and was first performed in Vienna on 9th of January 2015 by Renaud Capucon – to whom the work was dedicated – and the Wiener Symphoniker conducted by Philippe Jordan. The brilliant and prolific composer Rihm is an important figure in German music. He is one of the leading lights of the New Simplicity movement, yet has also maintained this independence as a free creative spirit. “Poem of the Painter” comes across as an appeal to the imagination to awaken our own musical dream. The work´s title suggests a desire to achieve a kind of artistic communion, and places it at the junction between poetry, painting and music.

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