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Honeck, Buchbinder / Haydn, Mozart, Strauss

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The fatherly and friendly relationship between Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart went far beyond ordinary friendship. This is how Mozart not only “learnt from Haydn how to write quartets” but he also let himself be influenced in other musical genres. For instance, his Piano Concerto in C major, KV 467, seems to be inspired by Haydn’s music as well. Although Haydn was significantly older than Mozart, he lived to see his death in 1791. In the same year, Haydn’s Symphony No. 93 was created when he travelled to London for the first time. The fact that the musical influences were mutual is demonstrated by a motif from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” with which Haydn concluded the fourth movement of this Symphony. Rudolf Buchbinder as the soloist and Manfred Honeck conducting the Wiener Symphoniker will allow you to appreciate two of the most versatile and successful Austrian musical personalities of our time. After the break, the Suite from the opera Elektra by Richard Strauss in an arrangement by Honeck and Tomás Ille will be presented.


Wiener Symphoniker


Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 93 in D major Hob.I:93
Symphony No. 93 in D major Hob.I:93
1st movement: Adagio – Allegro assai
2nd movement: Largo cantabile
3rd movement: Menuett. Allegro
4th movement: Finale. Presto ma non troppo
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 21 in C major KV 467
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 21 in C major KV 467
1st movement: Allegro maestoso
2nd movement: Andante
3rd movement: Allegro vivace assai
Composer: ***
Richard Strauss
Suite from the Opera "Elektra" (Arr.: Manfred Honeck/Tomás Ille)
Suite from the Opera "Elektra" (Arr.: Manfred Honeck/Tomás Ille)

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Musikverein Wien, Great Hall


Musikverein Wien
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