Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall

Gimeno, Grubinger / Ives, Corigliano, P. I. Tchaikovsky

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With a single stroke, Martin Grubinger changed the music world. Before, percussionists would leave shyly through the rear doors of the stage, but Grubinger brings his percussion instruments right up into the middle of the action. For the past 10 years in his series 'Percussive Planet' he has brought not only the world of percussion to the fore, but also contemporary music, making him an internationally sought-after soloist of modern works. John Corigliano's Conjurer is performed throughout the world almost exclusively by this exceptional percussionist. And there could be no more fitting a conductor than Gustavo Gimeno to direct such a concert: before starting his career as a conductor, he was himself a percussionist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam.


Wiener Symphoniker


John Corigliano
"Conjurer" Concerto for Percussionist and String Orchestra
"Conjurer" Concerto for Percussionist and String Orchestra
Composer: ***
Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski
Symphony No. 6 in b minor op. 74 "Pathétique"
Symphony No. 6 in b minor op. 74 "Pathétique"
1st movement: Adagio – Allegro non troppo – Andante – Moderato mosso – Andante – Moderato assai – Allegro vivo – Andante come prima – Andante mosso
2nd movement: Allegro con grazia
3rd movement: Allegro molto vivace
4th movement: Finale. Adagio lamentoso – Andante



Wiener Konzerthaus

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