Urban Sounds

School Concert 2014-15

Metropolis, Music and Adventure: In partnership with pupils of the AHS Draschestraße school, actor Nicola Schößler and video artist Sebastian Freudenschuss developed vignettes, images and texts on a theme of “the city” for the schools’ concert for 12-17 year-olds. During the concert, Nicola Schößler then slipped into the roles of various city-dwellers. The pupils also mimed abstract urban situations in a series of vignettes – the anonymity of the city was symbolised by wearing motorbike helmets. Sebastian Freudenschuss created a montage of the imagery as a visual counterpoint to the sounds of John Adams’ City Noir and George Gershwin’s An American in Paris. Out of this emerged a compelling mix of video, text, theatre and urban sounds.

As preparation for the concert, the teachers and pupils were aided by music workshops with the Wiener Symphoniker and an extensive set of teaching materials. Four pupils from the AHS Draschestraße met the composer John Adams in person and interviewed him.


John Adams: "Short Ride in a Fast Machine", Fanfare for orchestra
George Gershwin: "An American in Paris", symphonic poem
Leonard Bernstein: Overture to the operetta "Candide"
John Adams: "City Noir" for orchestra, 3rd movement ("Boulevard Night")

… in terms of music, a very ambitious concert. I enjoyed the film project greatly and it illustrated the musical performance very originally. [...] The idea with the helmets was highly successful. Overall a great production, congratulations!” Teacher, NMS 1100 Wien

Interview with John Adams
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