The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

School Concert 2015-16

A legendary classic of the repertoire for young people was at the centre of the Classic Hits concert and the Wiener Symphoniker’s school concert: The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten.

Klassic Hits on 13 March 2016 and School Concert on 14 March 2016 in the Great Hall of the Musikverein Wien for school children aged 10–14

Lahav Shani conductor
Marko Simsa presenter

Marko Simsa was our guide through both concerts. The Klassic Hits concert presented other famous works from London by, among others, Henry Purcell, Georg Friedrich Handel and Joseph Haydn.

School classes had prepared texts beforehand, covering all the instruments of the orchestra, and created posters. Altogether, 23 school classes took part in the preparatory workshops! All the colourful and skilfully made posters can be see in the image gallery below.


I thought the concert was very nice and really enjoyed it. It was especially great that a horn player, a flautist and a presenter visited our class. I found the information about the horn very interesting. I would be glad to watch the concert again any time and I’m very grateful to Prof. Gmeiner for organising the trip. Best regards, Christine Bodenstorfer, Class 3C

The class excursion to the Wiener Symphoniker’s concert was very interesting. I particularly liked the introduction to the individual musical instruments of the orchestra. The presenter, Marko Simsa, organised the concert in an informative and lively way.

This excursion was very exciting as we were in the Golden Hall, which really added to the experience.
Isabella Krebs

I really liked The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. The information from the presenter and the contributions by the individual classes made it even more lively. I also liked that during the piece the posters were brought down so that it was possible to get one’s bearings. However, that meant you didn’t have the challenge of listening closely to work out which instrument was being featured.
Luise Göbl



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