Workshops and Projects

Best Of

Around Erich Wolfgang Korngold

String Instruments

In this project, specially developed for the sponsoring partner Thomastik Infeld, children from seven primary school classes had the opportunity to explore string instruments.

Final Presentation


The first partnership between the Wiener Symphoniker and the NMS Georg-Wilhelm-Pabstgasse school lasted three years. There were musical performances of improvisations that had been developed in workshops with the Symphoniker musicians.

School Partnership Project

Peer Gynt

The pupils of the NMS G.W.Pabst-Gasse developed their own creative approach to Peer Gynt by Edward Grieg by examining the piece from all angles. This was the Wiener Symphoniker’s second major music education project.

Musical Experiences

Gustav Mahler's "Fifth"

This exploration of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 took place almost entirely through the pupils’ own creative activities in a dialogue with six musicians from the Wiener Symphoniker and a choreographer.