Wiener Konzerthaus, Great Hall

Orozco-Estrada, Mühlemann, Láng, Davislim, Boesch, Wiener Singakademie / Beethoven

New Year’s Concert

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A particularly bright fixed star has been shining in the night of New Year’s Eve for more than four decades: For more than 40 years, the Wiener Symphoniker and an illustrious ensemble of soloists have brought their audience at the Wiener Konzerthaus into the new year with Beethoven’s “Ninth” in a most energetic manner. Which other work with such steadfast optimism in core humanistic values would be able to bid farewell to the old year in a more dignified manner and to welcome the new year with even more hope? The choice of the conductor will be symbolic as well: Under their designated principal conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada, who will direct the orchestra as from the 2021-22 season, the Wiener Symphoniker will at the same time present a look into their artistic future.


Wiener Singakademie
mixed choir 
Wiener Symphoniker


Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 9 in d minor op. 125 "Choral"
Symphony No. 9 in d minor op. 125 "Choral"
1st movement: Allegro ma non troppo – un poco maestoso
2nd movement: Molto vivace – Presto
3rd movement: Adagio molto e cantabile – Andante moderato
4th movement: Finale. Presto



Wiener Konzerthaus

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Andrrs Orozco-Estrada (c) Werner Kmetitsch

Orozco-Estrada & Beethoven 9

New Years concert Wiener Konzerthaus (c) Lukas Beck

New Year´s Concert ★ Vienna ★ Livestream 2019